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Teaching Online

The future of language teaching and language learning is here. Teachers and learners can connect via video conferencing, mobile phone, or via educational apps. An added plus is that teachers and learners can connect while being in the comfort of their own homes and according to their own schedules.

Online teachers can earn their income or supplement their income while eliminating transportation costs, creating their own working schedules, and even spending lunch money in learner-centered online environments. With online teaching being, time-flexible, location-flexible, effective, interactive, and providing accessibility to a worldwide audience, may teachers and learners are taking advantage of this approach.

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Online Instructional Coaching

As distance learning/e-learning continues to expand rapidly, taking an online instructional program for teaching English online further increases employment opportunities. Online instructors can free-lance, work with online language schools, or do both. The online English instructor can teach from the comfort of his/her home, workplace, friend’s home etc. as long as there is a stable internet connection.