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Online Educators – Join the Center for Technological Leadership (English/ French/ Spanish speakers). Apply at: https://my.tomigo.com/p/zIirn

Job description
Join the Center for Technological Leadership-
Developing unique thinking and innovative concepts in educating, training, and communicating with children and youths.We are looking for online educators to join a young and dynamic company developing educational programs for kids and youth in the Technological Leadership field. 
If you have leadership skills, entrepreneurship and great communications skills, your place is with us! 
The Center for the Technological Leadership Development was established to give children advantages that will enable them to become technological leaders in the future. The Opportunity
Be at the forefront of the online education field. Teaching from home using our high quality learning environment and our curriculum. Our programs are built on carefully selected messages and content.
We provide great training in the field. No previous knowledge needed. 

• English Proficient- a must
• English / French/ Spanish – Native Speaker – a must
• Experience in teaching/guiding- a must
• Excellent communication and presentation skills
• Knowledge in coding and computers- advantage
• Application development experience- an advantage
• Strong Learning Abilities
• High teaching and methodical abilities. 
• Creative thinking
• ResponsibleThe candidate: 
The successful candidates will need to have a commitment to challenging students to reach the highest possible standard, have excellent communication skills and be an effective team player. 

Job Position Type:
Part time job from home, hourly rate.

*CV’s will only be accepted in English.

Apply at: https://my.tomigo.com/p/zIirn