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Jamaican Teachers

Growing Trend in the TEFL Industry:

Who are the Jamaican TEFLers?
Many companies have been opting to recruit teachers from the Caribbean. Unknown to many, Jamaica is the biggest English speaking island in the Caribbean and many companies have opted to hire them. From England through to Japan, Jamaican teachers are being hired at an increasingly growing pace.

Benefits of hiring teachers from Jamaica:

• English is the official language of Jamaica, and therefore, spoken by teachers.
• Jamaican educators are highly experienced, qualified and hard working.
• They are loyal and committed to long-term employment
• The teachers are friendly, adaptable, team-oriented
• Jamaicans teachers have successfully integrated into the workforces of the United States, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Canada, The United Kingdom and more.
• They often charge very competitive rates when compared with teacher from countries such as The United States, Canada, The United Kingdom etc.
• Sample Profiles and request Live interviews via video-conference at your request

See below for a few countries/companies hiring teachers from Jamaica

The United Kingdom:
“Dozens of Jamaican teachers hired to work in British schools ‘Get a Jamaican and they’re here for life,’ says agent behind recruitment drive’
…Increasingly, heads are turning to us. And we are turning to Jamaica.”

“If you pass the phone interview, we may invite you to participate in a seminar and/or interview. In the United States, Canada, Jamaica, the United Kingdom, and the Republic of Ireland this usually involves attending an event in a major town”

JET Programme
“Jamaica joined the programme in 2000, and since then more than eighty-five Jamaican teachers have participated in the Japan Exchange and Teaching (JET) Programme (JET)”

“Every year, Jamaicans and Bahamians have the opportunity to go to France teaching
English during 7 months, via the “Poste d’assistants Program”