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Requirements for teaching English online

Posted by | February 4, 2017 | Blog

Who can teach English online?/ What do I need?

General Requirements

Hi everyone!
One of the most frequent questions I’m asked about teaching online is what do I need to teach online? Honestly, there are tons of ways to teach English online and this article can’t cover all of them, but this article can help you if you’re looking for quick and simple run-down on what’s needed to teach online.

Job Requirements:
Of course, the requirements vary from job to job according to what a specific company is looking for. The following is just a  very general guideline on what the majority of employers are looking for.

General Requirements:
1. Native English speakers – the countries of preference are usually U.S., U.K., Ireland, Canada, Australia, New Zealand or South Africa (countries are increasingly hiring from Jamaica)
2. TEFL/CELTA/TESL/TESOL certification is a plus (Click here for options)
3. Bachelor degree (usually)
4. Quiet working space to teach from
5. Teaching experience is a plus
– Being bilingual is not a requirement

Personality & other:
1. Professionalism, pleasant & warm – an overall welcoming personality
2. Enjoy talking to people
3. Culturally sensitive
4. Patience & ability to Speak slowly
5. Ability to present and explain concepts clearly
6. Willingness to learn how to use an online teaching platform

Technical Requirements:
1. High speed Internet
2. Wired connection
3. Headset
4. Webcam
5. Computer
6. Some companies allow teachers to teach via SmartPhone!

Concluding advice:
I definitely recommend that new online teachers start teaching online by getting hired through a company first and building up experience. In my opinion, this should be done before attempting to “go-it-alone” and attempt to launch your own teaching business. By starting with a company first, new teachers can get experience teaching online and begin to learn the ropes without having to come up with marketing strategies, teaching materials and courses, experimenting with online teaching platforms, and attempting to find learners all while freshly beginning to teach online. After gaining some experience, you can create your own online business like:

If you have any questions, comments or ideas, feel free to comment below.

~ Dionne Douglas

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