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About Teaching Online

There are many cutting-edge modern online language schools. These schools help students from all corners of the world to attain their dream of speaking English fluently. Lessons are often conducted by a native English teacher. Some schools specialize in one-on-one private lessons, some offer group lessons and others offer a choice between group or private lessons.

How Lessons are Conducted
Classes are often conducted online via video conferencing software and with VOIP (voice over internet protocol) functionality. With video and audio function, teachers and learners can hear and see each other. The exchange is similar to a Skype conversation and some schools even use Skype for classes. There is usually an online platform with a digital online whiteboard that accompanies the video and audio function and allows information to be viewed by all participants at once. The school that you get hired to will help you to set up the platform of their choice.

Technical requirements
While most online schools need teachers to have wired access to the internet, a computer, webcam and headset with microphone, more and more schools have been popping up that allow teachers to teach via their smartphone by simply downloading an app. Some schools even specialize in telelearning where teachers conduct lessons with students over the phone.

Teaching Materials
The vast majority of online schools provide teachers with teaching materials for each lesson, but some schools allow teachers the option of using their own materials.

Schools often pay their teachers via PayPal and others pay teachers by wire transfer directly into the teacher’s account. Fees are usually paid in U.S. dollars. The rate that you are paid depends on the school itself. Most schools generally pay between $8 – $22 USD per hour; however, remuneration and the length of class varies from school to school. Some schools have sessions that last as short as 10 minutes, while other schools have sessions that last between 45 minutes to an hour.

Get Started
If you or someone you know would like to try their hand at earning an extra income from home by teaching English online, create a digital candidate profile at www.dionneseslcyberlounge.com and view online teaching positions.
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